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  • Developing WebThings with JavaScript on Microcontrollers

    Mozilla San Francisco, United States

    Join the Moddable team at Mozilla SF for our second WebThings Workshop session. Moddable is working to give individuals the freedom to change the software on their IoT products. The Moddable SDK brings industry standard JavaScript to the inexpensive microcontrollers that power IoT products. It consists of development tools and runtime software for developers to create truly open IoT products. Come learn how to create your own WebThing that works with the Mozilla Things Gateway using the WebThing modules in the Moddable SDK!

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  • Mozilla WebThings Gateway and Framework Workshop

    Mozilla San Francisco, United States

    Mozilla WebThings Gateway and Framework initiative is an open source implementation aimed at promoting a decentralized, and W3C-standardized, Web of Things framework for managing IoT device data. Mozilla’s implementation puts people first, protecting user privacy and security, while promoting industry interoperability.

    No prior developer skills are necessary, but experience with Arduino programming is helpful. Bring a laptop (any OS).

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  • Build a Web Thing

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    Build your own IoT device which uses the Web Thing API
  • Create an Adapter

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    Create an adapter to bridge an existing IoT device to the web
  • Hack on Mozilla WebThings

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    Help us develop our Web of Things implementation
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